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Metalheads by Andy Relf

Metalhead Darts were made exactly to Andy's specification, as his descriptions shows:

“These darts are totally unique, there's nothing like them on the market today, and have been made by Red Dragon with an amazing level of care and dedication. The central scalloped area, with micro-grip grooves installed ensures the perfect grip and maximises comfort. It's like having a perfect dart, and for the first time in my career I feel 100% comfortable, something I'd not yet experienced with “off the shelf” sets of darts.”

“The extra-machined rings on the nose of the dart ensure that it rolls effortlessly into my hand, meaning I don't have to worry about adjusting my grip position which is vitally important in maintaining perfect rhythm and pro-standard scoring. My set-up includes aluminium shafts and slim flights so my darts can land 5 degrees to the horizontal, hence maximising the treble 20 target. I'm swapping the metal for tungsten!”

  • Central scalloped area
  • Micro-grip grooves
  • Extra-machined rings on the nose
  • Slim flights and aluminium shaft
  • Perfect balance
  • Black and gold accents

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Metalheads by Andy Relf review